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These are my latest works of art... Snowpeople!  These sparkly treasures begin with carefully chosen bottles, many of which have been dug back out of the ground or have been found in attics or garages across the country.  Some of them date back to the 1920s or earlier!  We individually develop a hard snowy head and a carrot nose for each one of them; from this point forward, we are limited only by our imagination!

We have focused on taking vintage items that are undesired or discarded, and re-purposed them into unique works of art.  In order to accessorize these SnowPeope, we use vintage jewelry, garland, lace, beads, antique game pieces... keys, and many other embellishments, adding to their nostalgic charm.  Once they are finished, with lots of glimmer and glitz, each SnowPerson has its own personality!  With our attention to detail, each piece becomes a winter-long friend!  SnowPeople range in price from $16 to the very largest at $79. 


ALL OF THE SNOWPEOPLE YOU SEE HERE HAVE SOLD!  We are finding that t is impossible, especially in the fall, to manage the website and continue to do the great shows we are involved in.  A person really has to see them in order to appreciate them - I would suggest you look under "Upcoming Events" and find a place near you that we will be showing in the next month.  Whether for yourself or a friend, we think you will love these SnowPeople!   

​With tender care, these charming SnowPeople have been lovingly designed to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart on any cold winter day.  Perfect for yourself or for gift-giving, each piece will become a collectable....welcome to the family of Linda Cowell Originals!

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