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Our Gallery

In years past, it has been difficult to keep up the website with the new Santas that have been created, and the Santas that have just sold.  In fact, in the last years, there were 40 that were never even put up on the website because they sold so fast!   While it is a compliment to our work, it has been frustrating to our clients who have collected with us over the years. 


So until we catch up, we are only showing a sampling of what we have done.  To see what we have, you'll need to visit one of our shows (see "Upcoming Events") or contact us so we can talk.   Please click on a picture below to see an enlarged version....

The demand for these individual art pieces tells us that regardless of the economy, people are looking for memories of good times that are regularly shared by family and friends over the holiday season.   And we can understand that!   We are committed to investing the time and effort it takes to maintain the quality and standards that you have come to expect with our products.


Our desire is that both of these Santas and SnowPeople touch your heart in a way that only nostalgia can.  So much of the Christmas joy comes from celebrating the birth of Christ, enjoying your intimate family relationships and recalling the traditions and the memories of days gone by.  We hope that our artwork can help you do just that! 

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