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About the Santas...

Inspired by a yearning to have known her kindly great-grandfathers, along with the nostalgic memories of her childhood in Germany, artist Linda Cowell begins her favorite labor again each January: the careful recreation of the legendary figure St. Nicholas. Linda, along with her family and friends, scours antique shops for months in search of special vintage fabrics, antique quilts, and unusual little accessories. The use of these timeless treasures has made each St. Nicholas unique and desired by many people throughout the country.  



No two figures are ever exactly alike; each Santa is a one-of-a-kind piece!  As she begins to envision each new Santa, Linda tries to imagine the warmth and personality that a grandfather should have had: their kindness, their generosity, their compassion, and their love. They always would have had candy in their pockets, and who could forget the twinkle in their eyes? 



To assure that each figure is a one-of-a-kind piece, many hours are spent studying the quilts, the fabrics, and the accessories in order to capture the charm and direction that each Santa will take.  The possibilities are limited only by Linda's imagination!  (Quilters and animal lovers need not be offended by Linda's choice in material. Linda only purchases very worn and tattered quilts, and any fur that is used is recycled.) 



Each Santa is created in our home as an original piece. Each face is meticulously molded, baked, and/or hand-painted to give proper expression. Genuine lamb's wool makes up the hair and beard, and carefully chosen antiques or accessories complement the artistry on each piece. The body is completely custom-designed from the posable armature or mounted bases to the final shape of each figure; the clothes are also hand-sewn. 



Each collectible figure has been personally signed by Linda! Our desire is not only to create Santas but to provide you with a memorable bit of nostalgia and a legacy that you can pass on to your children!  



If looking at her work stirs up warmth and joy in your heart, then Linda's desire has been fulfilled.  She welcomes you to explore a part of childhood that we never outgrow as you make one of her Santas a precious and timeless keepsake for your family!




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