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About the SnowPeople...

Expressing the whimsical nature within her, Linda creates these magical Snowpeople, each with its own uniqueness and vintage flair!   These sparkly one-of-a-kind treasures begin with carefully chosen antique and recycled bottles, some dating as far back as one hundred years.  



Some are made of cut glass, old medicine or perfume bottles, and now even some antique goblets to provide the body for each SnowPerson.  An individually designed snowy head, complete with a carrot nose makes them so adorable!  Many of the noses are hand-rolled and shaped from clay... and no carrot is ever perfectly straight, is it?  



Having created art for over 20 years, Linda loves the process of taking vintage items that are undesired or discarded, and re-purpose them into unique works of art.  In order to accessorize her SnowPeople, she uses things like old jewelry, garland, lace, beads, antique game pieces, keys, and many other embellishments, adding to their nostalgic charm.  



Once they are finished (using lots of glimmer and glitz) each SnowPerson ends up with its very own personality!  With her attention to detail, she has long been recognized as one of the "Best of Missouri Hands" juried artists.  



With tender care, these charming SnowPeople have been lovingly designed to bring a smile to your face and warmth to your heart on any cold winter day.  Perfect for yourself or for a gift, you can leave them out all winter long!  Welcome to the collectible family of Linda Cowell Originals!  




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